—Who Are We?

By Robert L. Nipper


United-states-constitutionConstitutional Conservatives subscribe to a steadfast adherence to the precepts written in the Constitution of the United States. We oppose the “change” instigated by the Obama regime to alter, and mostly ignore, its wisdom and relevance. A great deal of the passionate ideology felt by conservatives can be found in the Preamble to the Constitution. Let’s dissect that document’s leading passage to reveal how a growing number of Americans feel.

1. We the People of the United States- is self-explanatory. This does not refer to elitist North Easterners or the Southern Black poor or the Middle American farmer. It includes all of us. Nowhere is there a reference to, and/or an inclusion of, illegal aliens simply because they were somehow able to make their way into the USA, ignoring our immigration laws.

 2.   In order to form a more perfect Union – depicts our forefathers desire for a united nation. Not a nation steeped in racial polarity and division.

 3.   Establish Justice- was included as a form of checks and balances; a way to ensure individual freedom, while maintaining a standard of acceptable societal behavior. This says we’re governed by the “Rule of Law”, mandating judicial review and/or judgment by a jury of our peers in determining one’s guilt or innocence. 

4.  Ensure Domestic Tranquility- references civil obedience; condemning those with anarchist views. It also, however, references James Madison’s view that citizens require self-protection from a tyrannous government.

5.  Provide for the Common Defense- presupposes a military force securing our safety both domestically and internationally, which would include our borders.  Common defense suggests that all citizens should feel safe, without giving special biased consideration to homosexuals, those of another color, ideology, or religion. 

6.   Promote the General Welfare- does not mean creating a welfare state; a method for individuals without motivation to e-deposit welfare checks monthly for generations. It is indicative of the American dream, that by our individual efforts we may succeed and prosper. It does not mean redistributing the wealth or adopting a philosophy of big government doing everything for everybody.

 7.  And, Secure the Blessings of Liberty -refers to a divine benediction granted by our creator. No matter how much Liberals want to remove God from our Country, we know that God had a key role in our Forefather’s thinking during its development. Liberty must be void of persecution especially by a government hell bent on total control.                          

8.  Do Ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. This, in no way, implies subservience to a one world government…period! This is a sovereign nation! 

Many locally are surprised to find there is a group that calls themselves the “Lakeside Conservative Group”. We are growing in numbers and very active. Our current mailings include 300 plus people in the Laguna de Chapala region. We meet once per month at Sol Y Luna at the west end of Ajijic. Our meeting day is the 2nd Wednesday of each month except August (no meeting). The meeting time is 4:00-5:00 PM. Daniel’s Restaurant, at that location, offers members and guests an after-meeting special dinner menu. Our desire is to educate, inform, and entertain those attending. If you are right mind and open to learning new things- come join us!

(Ed. Note: This is the first in a series of articles from the Lakeside Conservative Group, all of which shall be written by any one of its members. Welcome to the pages of El Ojo del Lago!)


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