Letters to the Editor – 5

Letters to the Editor

LettersToTheEditorDear Sir:

(A response to “Dr. Savage Was Right” by Robert Nipper in September Ojo del Lago.)

Mr. Nipper’s article lacks basic logic.  He seems to believe that if one person whom he labels as Liberal (or even several people) say something, then everyone in the general group must accept it as true. He confuses words when he writes babies when he means fetuses. He claims that believing in civil rights for all means Liberals see murderers as folk heroes. He might take offense if I said all Conservatives believe the same as Sarah (“I can see Russia from my house”) Palin or David (“Eliminate health insurance – if you can’t afford to see a doctor, don’t go”) Brat. 

Last month Lynda Nunez complained in her letter to the editor about name-calling.  I agreed and have written against the practice by both Liberals and Conservatives.  Yet Mr. Nipper refers to our twice-elected President as a Pseudo-President. Would Lynda Nunez rail against Mr. Nipper’s terminology?

On one point Mr. Nipper is correct. President Obama has indeed praised Castro.  The confusion, Mr. Nipper, is that President Obama praised Julian Castro, 16th Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

If Liberalism is a mental disorder (treatable with facts and logic), then Conservatism must be a mental disease (also treatable with facts and logic).  Throughout history, liberals have moved humanity forward while conservatives have opted for humanity to remain static.  The very definitions of the two words says it all:

liberal: one who is open to new behavior or opinions

conservative: one who is averse to change 

Mel Goldberg


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