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Letters To The Editor


LettersToTheEditorDear Sir:

I came across a July issue of “Ojo del Lago” and decided to look at what was inside. I saw a letter to the editor written by Ed Knudson that was shocking, to say the least. He attacked some fellow named Robert L. Nipper for an article Mr. Nipper had written that appeared in the June 2014 issue.

I was intrigued by what Nipper had written that so infuriated Knudson, so I set to task finding a June issue of “Ojo”. Finding that issue, I immediately scanned it until I came across what Robert Nipper had written. What I found was a very well thought-out piece on what the Preamble of the Constitution means to Conservatives. Period.

Knudson called Nipper a “bigoted jerk”, an “ugly American”, and a name I found interesting because it depicts Knudson’s bigotry…an “ugly Gringo”. He called Mr. Nipper ignorant; knowing nothing about American history. Knudson suggested Christopher Columbus, Plymouth Rock, and Jamestown were all myths! It became evident Knudson was a Canadian that professes to know more about American history than Americans. Robert Nipper had not mentioned any of the three supposed myths Knudson was referring to.

Knudson’s contention that Mr. Nipper is a bigot is ludicrous at best. Nowhere does Mr. Nipper make a statement that could be construed as “bigoted”. He references American immigration laws that should be adhered to. He does not say anywhere that Mexicans are not welcome in America. Nor, does he make a statement derogatory to Mexicans. But, just like Mexico has immigration laws that we are required to follow, so should the immigration laws be followed in the United States.  Knudson evidently has a problem with adhering to the law?

Knudson accuses Mr. Nipper of breaking Mexican law. Nowhere in what Mr. Nipper wrote was there any suggestion, inferred or blatant, of Mexican law breaking by Mr. Nipper. It was a total fabrication by Knudson who had gone off the deep end into unreality in his letter. I found it interesting that Mr. Knudson, an obvious ultra-leftwing Liberal, did not counter a single thing Mr. Nipper wrote with logic or reasoning. He simply resorted to name calling. I am apolitical in my beliefs, but it is scattered, ramblings of a mind like Knudson’s that probably will get me to vote for a Republican or Independent.

Ronald Langley


Ojo Del Lago
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