Letters to the Editor-3

Letters to the Editor


Dear Sir:

The new mega treatment plant on the north side of Guadalajara will be a big step in cleaning up the Santiago, Jalisco’s filthiest river. My husband Antonio and I firmly believe that the treated water could be as big a plus for Jalisco’s largest freshwater lake. If there was a second aqueduct, it could be used to carry that water back to Lake Chapala. It could carry water both ways – to Guad and to the lake – depending where the need was. There could be an international design competition with the winner getting the biggest bottle of Jalisco’s best tequila. Hmmm. Sounds too logical to me. Think it could ever happen??

Nanette Phillips

San Antonio Tlayacapan

Our Editor Replies:

We enthusiastically approve of any plan that would be more water to our beloved lake. As to whether it could happen because of the idea you mention, we can only fall back on that old bromide, “Que sera, sera.”


To the Attention of Fred Mittag:

Well, I just read your article on Rommel and wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your accuracy and respect for this very courageous soldier. My husband and I had a group travel business and one of our favorite clients was a U.S. Military professor who traveled with us for 15 years. He lived and breathed this war (WWII) and we learned more than any textbook could ever have the space to print it. 

Rommel’s name came up many times and always mentioned with great respect. The professor even named his female ridge-back dog after him. Another thing you mentioned that the professor pointed out was the fact that the Germans out-soldiered us, but we out-machined them. And that is essentially what you said in this article. I think Rommel recognized it.

Really enjoyed your article as the professor made a WWII student out of me. My other all-time hero was General George S. Patton.

Thanks for writing it.

Phyllis Ewing



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