The Art Of Silence

The Art Of Silence

By Blanca Salazar


mimoTake a deep breath. This is very important to live a healthy life, to enjoy the pleasure of listening to your silent voice. Deep breathing is such a good experience because it helps us to come back to the principal fountain of energy which is beating in ourhearts. It invites us to practice the awareness of mental silence, guiding us to find an easy way to face all the challenges in this interesting world.

Breathing is the vital necessity of life. Human beings have tainted their daily lives with accelerated pace to such a degree that all the work they generate becomes automatic and the common result is stress. Since childhood, ‘fulfilling obligations’ is the task imposed on us, and responsibility and discipline are healthy habits to develop, even though they do eventually become overkill. Unconsciously, we have forgotten that inner peace is the main nutrient of soul and body.

Making time and space for silence in our minds returns neurons to their vital source, restores and stabilizes the functioning of the brain and allows for clearer ideas to be generated as well as healing of the body. The habit of tranquility and calm is so easy to lose in these fast times that we live. Everything that is put in front of you can be trampled and pushed aside, without giving your mind some silence to regenerate itself.

Mental stillness is not a conquest; it is a part of human nature. To achieve these periods of mental silence, one only needs to be refreshed by that pleasant feeling of being in a place without doing anything. Just be… observing, witnessing the existence of aromas and colors, sounds and rhythms around you; perceive without judgment or qualifications, without the mind…flow with your breath.

Go beyond yourself, releasing thoughts, emotions and feelings, beyond the mind as a witness or observer. In the beginning, this is the hardest thing to do; sit and be quiet, allowing relaxation to take over effortlessly. Enter a state of ‘non-doing.’ Allow the mind to be cleansed daily, so that it is fresh to encounter life’s new stories each day. Only by activating the consciousness of the observer, without useless grand standing, can one’s mental alertness be improved.

Don’t just let life happen and witness it without letting it enter the mind and watching with empty eyes. Remain silent and collect your thoughts and be with yourself. Staying aware that deep and conscious breathing is the perfect exercise to learn how to live well in harmony and peaceful silence. Being in the present is living in the present. Put aside the past, break from immediate reflection of the future. The past is a memory and the future is a product of the imagination.

Children respond to sounds with the consciousness of enjoying every second, with no expectations. As adults, it is important for us to pause and experience silence at least three times a day. During these periods of silence, there is nothing- no fear, no ego, no doubts, no ambitions, no competition; there is just the feeling of recognizing yourself as the Supreme Being that you are. Value your life with complete freedom.

As you sit quietly, observe that there is no more chaos that exists in your mind. This freedom from mental clutter is necessary to put the mind in order to enjoy the wonderful little flash we call spiritual orgasm during an infinite moment of joy and love, which proclaims itself in every being.

During absolute silence, all sensations fade to allow the best things to happen in a state of calm and inner peace. Panda, The Apprentice, recognizes that silence is the best tool to deal with the EGO, which is said to be the main cause of suffering.


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