The Conservative Corner – September 2014

The Conservative Corner

By Robert L. Nipper

“Dr. Savage was right!”


United-states-constitutionMichael Savage, a noted Conservative author and Radio Talk show host, wrote the controversial book, “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder” a few years back. The Libs went crazy and attacked Dr. Savage relentlessly. They called for him to be fired from his syndicated radio show and demanded his books be pulled from the shelves of Barnes and Nobel, Walden’s, and other book stores. I’m sure that if they could have found the location of his residency in San Francisco some screaming Liberal would have attempted to do him in.

An analysis of Liberal mindless tendencies shows more than just a degree of insanity, however. Liberals swoon around the likes of Fidel Castro. In fact, the U.S. sanctions placed against Cuba during the missile crisis are an outrage to most Libs today. Our Pseudo-President glorifies Castro, and has on several occasions. But, Cubans that were lucky enough to escape Castro’s reign of terror will tell you he was a cut-throat murderer. He didn’t like what journalists were writing about him, so he lined them up and executed them. Does that sound like someone who should be idolized as a hero? Not by sane people.

Look at how rigorously the Left supports and defends Roe v. Wade. They postulate how great Planned Parenthood is, (A misnomer of a name if there ever has been one), for having murdered 45,000,000+ unborn babies since 1973. And, that number is vastly proportionate to racial profiling. i.e. in New York State 6 out of 9 abortions are Black fetuses. And, Margaret Sanger, a known racist/ hater of Blacks, was the founder of that despicable organization. Again, does that sound sane to support an organized genocide? PP claims to be protecting the woman’s rights, yet when we suggest someone should be speaking out for the rights of the unborn that have no voice…we hear Liberal shrieks from the rafters. Sane? I think not.

Murderers on death row are made into folk heroes by the Libs. Instead of focusing on the victims, like the many women or children raped and/or murdered by these convicts, they focus on the “civil rights” of the murderer. Rolling Stone Magazine put the Boston Bomber on the cover, making him look like a rock star rather than the murderer he was. Does that sound sane?

I’ll never forget the television interview with the young adult that referred to himself as “an anarchist”. He was spiking trees in the Willamette Forest with ceramic spikes to kill or maim loggers falling trees. He was interviewed by a local news outlet, where he was quoted saying, “The life of a pine tree is worth more than that of a man.” That is true insanity. And, I’ll never forget the PETA lady protesting outside a chicken rendering plant holding a sign that said, “Chickens have souls!” Another with her held a sign that said, “Chickens feel pain!”

The Liberal mindset that claims to be compassionate and accepting is far from either adjective. Take, for example, the Liberal public school teacher in Wisconsin calling in death threats to Governor Scott Walker’s office. Liberals have ”feel good” terms for them like: compassionate, diverse, accepting, and enlightened. They wear them around their brows like monikers. But, when the smokescreen is lifted they are exactly the opposite; ruthless, immoral, and often times, brain-dead. Now, those are adjectives that call a spade a spade. It is said, “Know a man, not by his rhetoric, but by his actions.”

Michael Savage was right! Liberalism is a mental disorder.


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