Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


LettersToTheEditorDear Sir:

Reference to Lorin Swineheart’s article, October  2014 issue, pertaining to wolves and the International Wolf Center in Ely, Minnesota.  Just south of Olympia, Washington is a similar place called Wolf Haven. A while back we attended something they termed a ‘howl-in.’  After dusk, and night fell, a large campfire was lit and perhaps several dozen of us sat in a circle around it. The firelight and dancing shadows enveloped us all as our guide spoke truths and legends of wolves. That particular night the moon was full, making the whole experience sort of eery, influenced by the passed-on tales of European ancestors and their misplaced misgivings of the wolf. Hitler’s U-boat ‘wolf-packs’ further advanced the fears of the ‘unknown’ danger linked to anything, wolf.

Well, after our bonfire introduction we were led down nocturnal paths through the fenced off compounds of various species of wolves free roaming in their respective domains. Our guide had us all stop. We all were silent as he told us to, and on the count of three, howl in unison, and then wait. Shortly, we heard a distant, lone wolf pick up our human howl and his was telegraphed on down the line by apparent scores of others in the darkened forest, their howls reverberating through and off the trees. It was easy to see how such every sounds in the night could play havoc upon the fear of people with no enlightenment. Arctic wolves looked so splendid, illuminated in the bright moonlight. Timber wolves were grand! The red wolf, the gray and others all taught us something about the lupus world. The more the human family structure has declined (USA) the more impressive a wolf society is magnified. Their social structure is something to admire. The same can be said of how a herd of elephants help raise their young together. To conclude this brief comment, I appreciated what Dr. Swineheart had to say of wolves.

Joaquin Hawkins



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