The Path

The Path

All things are echoes of God’s Voice.

Decision’s power is my choice.

Old values are not as they seem,

As though awakening from a dream.

I see God freshly as Love’s Source,

Benevolence to guide my course.

Defenseless now my safety flies

Toward happiness beyond the skies.

I will step back and let Him lead,

Since He still knows just what I need.

He sees no sin that needs forgiveness;

I’m free to walk with God in holiness.

Since God is but true Love Divine,

Then as I follow, Love is mine;

Forgives myself, opens my heart

and readies me to do my part.

And should another see my shine,

I give forgiveness dear as mine.

Today I learn to give to all

The miracles, not large nor small,

That on this path have come to me:

“I am as God created me”;

And God is Love, therefore am I.

This Thought of God I’ll not deny.

To live by grace, by grace released;

To share this path with those increased;

See all my brothers’ sins erased

By purity of God’s embrace.

Eldest Brother Christ’s Love has shone

To each of us, part of One Son.

We walk with God. He leads our way

Past limits of the time-space play.

We all return to path began;

Where we are home, safe in God’s Plan.

So join me all, no need to stray.

Step back and let Him lead the way.

Think deeply now. Receive His grace

To lead you back to Heaven’s place.

—Nancy Greenheart—

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