Bad Boy

Bad Boy

By Sunny Glessner


BAD-BOYSara flounced out of the grocery store. Joe had just said “Hi, Sara,” and she’d been speechless. How had he even recognized her without her face or hair done? Of course she wanted him to recognize her. She was interested in him, but he hadn’t asked her out after their first date and was barely saying “Hi” when they saw each other.

Maybe he was so stunned at how bad she looked that he wanted to make sure it was her. Guys—who knew what they were thinking? She sure didn’t; she could barely keep up with her own thoughts. Besides, he didn’t look as hot as he usually did, although there was no hiding his boyish good looks.

She wanted a guy to love her, maybe one that was slightly on the naughty side. They seemed much more interesting than the boring ones she ate lunch with, and she thought Joe could be a little wild. Once home, Sara thought she’d fix her hair and face, then saunter past his house. Maybe he’d notice her, and they could talk. She could wear her cerise blouse that revealed her curves and cleavage. But then she’d have to change her nail polish color, and would he even be home yet?

Sara impulsively dialed his number and then held her breath. What had she done? What would she say? Should she hang up? Too late as she heard him say “Hi”.

“Hi, Joe, this is Sara. What were you doing in the store so early? I thought you were a late night, party guy.”

“Getting some milk for breakfast. How about you?”

“I’m making something for Tammy’s party this afternoon. I didn’t expect to see anyone, so I came right out of the shower.”

He snickered. “That’s what it looked like—sorta like a drowned… uh, cat.”

Her feelings were hurt, but she decided to ignore it rather than invite other criticism. She was having a hard enough time dealing with her changing body and facial hair, without hearing someone else’s judgment. “Are you going to the party?”

“No, Tammy isn’t speaking to me after the last time I took her out.”

“What happened?”

“She said I tried to get her drunk and take advantage of her.” Joe laughed again. “As if I have to get a gal drunk. Hey, want to go out tomorrow?”

Sara gasped softly. She knew he was popular but had no idea he was so crude. Wasthis the adventure she’d been waiting for? “No, I’ll see you some time at Senior Bingo,” and hung up


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