BELIEFS – Self Evolvement Series

BELIEFS – Self Evolvement Series

By Anna Elena Berlin

Certified Professional Coach, Experience of Life Researcher.

Rodin-the-ThinkerFor most of my life I believed that “I”, the conscious part of my mind that I identify as me, was the only one in control of my actions and every part of my life.  I discovered that not only- no, “I” wasn’t the only one in control, but heck no, “I” wasn’t the only one in control, much to my dismay.  The research literature revealed that the energetic quality of humans that is the conscious mind is dwarfed by the 95% of the mind run by the subconscious mind’s autopilot.  Our subconscious mind is at least partly involved in practically everything we do, and sometimes it’s the only one driving.  

Do you remember each thing  you did the last time you drove from your home to the store?  Probably not, yet you got there safely anyway.  In fact you may have felt like you were teleported there because you couldn’t remember your experience of driving the car at all.  Your conscious mind made the decision to drive to the store, then your subconscious mind took over so you could happily ponder your leisure time on the way.  

You trained your body to do the movements required to drive the car, and your subconscious mind to supervise it, by imprinting your neural pathways through conscious repetition.  This effectively frees up your valuable conscious mind time, you are asleep for a third of your life after all, to use as you need to instead of it having to be involved in every one of your life’s details.

Nevertheless, the subconscious mind’s primary function is to keep us alive, otherwise it loses its other job which is to keep our mind, emotions, and bodily functions operating.  It’s machine like in its dedication to keeping us safe, using fear as its main motivator to get our cooperation.  The fear it creates for its purposes can stifle our efforts to actualize the experience of life and destiny goals we long for.

Most negative feelings are easily attributed to subconscious fear.  Doubt, envy, anger, hatred, loss, and unquenchable want are all the offspring of fear.  Want seems inoffensive until you understand that it’s the vehicle for the “not enoughs”.  “Not having enough” and it’s ugly sibling “not being enough” only serve to keep you from a satisfying experience of life.  The point is, that focusing on what you want instead what your core self needs keeps you from this fulfillment.

What you believe you want can be opposed to your core needs causing self conflict issues. The most insidious part of self conflict issues is the chronic stress that causes pain, decline, and premature death. Maybe you’ve experienced it as a feeling of deep distress that eats away at your insides, or an uneasy feeling that something’s not quite right, but you can’t put your finger on it.

Negative self stories compel stress.  I used to tell myself I was old, ailing, and powerless to get the experience of life that best suited me.  I accumulated things that I wanted, thinking they would fill the void these stories created and make me happy.  When they did not, I dulled my unquenched longing and pain with all manner of things that numbed me.  The misery causing subconscious stories we tell ourselves may as well be true for all of the power they have over the way we experience our lives.  If you believe a victim story, it’s time to get better beliefs and rewrite the story of you.  Understanding that you are not your past or the situation you are in is a good place to start.

Through innate neuroplasticity you can retrain facets of your subconscious mind to make better use of its expansive energy, so you can make the most of your finite life.  There are many books that focus on helping you to do just that.  Changing your beliefs to better truths that support the way you need to experience your life is beyond beneficial.  No other human quality is more potent in directing us, defining us, fulfilling us, or wrecking us than our beliefs.

As misguided as the subconscious mind seems at times, I can’t help but wonder at it and be grateful for its effectiveness, since my daughter and I are the result of a continuous lineage that spans eons of time.  The subconscious mind is the reason you and your loved ones are still breathing.  You can learn skills to attend to your subconscious needs and pass down a worthy new legacy to your descendents. However, more than education or skills, what determines how much success you have in your life and how good those experiences are, is how worthy you believe you are of them.  The power to improve your life is yours, believing it is the key.



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