Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


LettersToTheEditorDear Sir:

As the long-time reviewer of LLT plays under the byline “Front Row Center” I must respond to the anonymous letter criticizing the recent production of Betrayal (December 2014, page 84). It is my practice to see every play twice – first I go to the preview on the Thursday before opening night, and then a week later on my season ticket. This helps me to form a fair opinion, and also to notice any changes or improvements over the run of the play.

My initial impression of Betrayal was similar to your correspondent’s view. The play was slow and lacked tension. Possibly the director was overly concerned with the “Englishness” of the play, and failed to pick up on the various discoveries made by the characters during important scenes. However, a week later both the pace and the tension were much improved, and I reflected that in my review.

Although the standard of acting and directing is high, bear in mind that this is not Broadway or the West End. It’s a small town, and I try to make intelligent comments without being destructive. Sometimes I criticize the choice of play, usually for being too silly or trivial. Many people, including myself, have urged LLT to put on more serious plays – as have been successfully produced in the past, for example The Heiress last year, or Proof and Doubt and An Inspector Calls from prior years. This year LLT has to their credit included several serious dramas in a more balanced program. Nameless letter-writer, your condescending contribution was not helpful. No doubt Betrayal was a risky choice, but please don’t ask LLT to stick all the time to lighter stuff!

Your honest reviewer

Michael Warren


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