Casa Hogar

Casa Hogar

By Kina Dutro


hope-house2015-1Next to godliness! Each boy has daily responsibilities such as: making his bed, picking up after himself, and learning to keep the house clean. After lunch, each boy already knows his daily chore. It is not something difficult, but rather something basic: wipe down the tables, sweep, mop or take out the trash.


Some of the boys are even completing odd jobs to earn a little spending money. One boy works alongside the laundry lady Cecilia and helps her fold clothes, another helps the maintenance man, Sergio, learning to complete basic household repairs. On a regular basis, a few guys can be found out front of the house washing someone’s car. (If you live around here, you know washing cars is a life skill which can be valuable for them.)

Just last week a few guys volunteered to wash the big 15-passenger van. They did such a thorough job! They washed every nook and cranny. They got on top and cleaned the roof, washed the windows and tires. And in the short time that the childcare worker stepped int

o the house, they even cleaned the inside of the van with a water hose! Unfortunately, it appears that the circuit board didn’t like water very much.

And since the van no longer runs, this week they have been doing a lot of walking. When I asked them what they learned from their experience they told me, “Cleaning the inside of the van with the water hose is a bad idea!” And I figure that is a pretty valuable life lesson too.

If you would like to help repair the Hope House van by replacing its circuit board I know several boys who would be appreciative.

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