Letters to the Editor – 2

Letters to the Editor


LettersToTheEditorDear Sir:
I am writing to let Ojo readers know a little more about Angel, “Señor Bag Man” (January 2015 edition) and Salvador, “He Who Walks Along” (October 2014 edition).
Angel rambles from Ajijic to San Antonio. I don’t recall seeing him in Riberas nor in Chapala. He bums beers, cokes and smokes along the way and hunts aluminum cans, I think. Angel has a gringa friend who keeps her eye on him. She buys tennis shoes for him when the tread is worn off his old ones. I don’t know more about him.
Salvador also rambles along the highway and often rides the bus. I don’t think he makes it to Chapala. He walks with a limp and has a hard time speaking. Salvador has a brother who lives with him. He has never married and has no children. He collects anything of value and sells it. Lately, he is sporting a new “super” sombrero.
Both of these men appear to be self-supporting. If my husband or I run across Salvador, we give him $20 pesos from time to time. Writing this has brought the thought to my mind that we should give the same to Angel now and then. Because we don’t give to the “Indian” women, who often arrive from Guadalajara on the first-class bus, to beg in front of the larger grocery stores, we should be able to donate to worthy causes closer to home.
Nanette Phillips
San Antonio Tlayacapan
(Ed. Note: The editorial in our August 2007 issue was all about Salvador and his family. The article can be accessed by going to chapala.com, clicking on Columnists, and click again on Editor’s Page.)


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