Painting My Life

Painting My Life

By Kathy Koches


paintingI awoke this morning to a beautiful sunrise, the azure sky streaked with purples and pinks.  I thought it looked as though a giant paintbrush had “painted” the sky, and I began humming one of my favorite songs, “Paint with All the Colors of the Wind.”

I have often wished that I were an artist and could paint the beautiful images I often see in my mind.  Alas, that is not one of my talents, and people cannot usually recognize even the crude stick figures I draw.  But I can paint in other ways, if only in my mind.

By using yellow, I can paint sunshine into my life to cheer me on a cloudy, gloomy day.  I let the warmth seep into my bones and put a smile on my face.

I use green, the color of growth and renewal.  The lush forest, a tender blade of grass, a new leaf – all of these remind me that life continues on.

Red paints passion into my life, love, lust, excitement, a drive and determination to indulge in things I want to do or accomplish.

Then I reach for the blue, my favorite color, which reminds me of soothing lakes and tranquil streams.  It calms me, centers me, washing over me like gentle rain and taking my cares, aches and pains away.

Every day is a new beginning, a blank canvass, just waiting for me to paint my life.  I can blend and merge the many colors, making new and beautiful patterns…  I am the artist who will determine how the final painting will turn out.  I can choose which colors I will use today, to “paint my life” as I want it to be.


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