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killer relationshipThe title to this article has caught your attention, has it? Hugh Hefner, an American erotic magazine publisher, once said, “Sex Sells,” and the Mexicans use it in abundance for advertising here.

When walking into a liquor store near the Centro on a weekend, you will see young women dressed in tight uniforms holding a platters with several different samples of tequila, vodka, or rum. The employment ad for this position in the local paper reads, “Help wanted. Must be female, between eighteen and twenty-three years old, thin, and attractive with no children.” You will never see that type of ad in the California papers for fear of legal retribution.

These young, pretty women are everywhere; In grocery stores serving little samples of cheeses and meats. In the mall kiosks selling cell phones or hair curlers. Enticing customers to come in at the entrance to a fine restaurant. Applying makeup on each other while selling cosmetics in a department store. All dressed in tiny outfits and tall heels. They don’t need to know much about whatever they’re selling, they just have to look the part. I noticed that the department stores also hire feminine looking gay men to sell cosmetics and hair products as well…..I wonder how that ad goes.


I had never been to a sex themed motel before, but I know they exist in the United States. My husband and I accidentally came across one in Mexico on our road trip here.

It was close to dusk and we had been on the road since dawn. We were both very tired, so we turned in at the first hotel we came across. It was nicely landscaped and had beautiful, tall adobe arches at the entrance under which a guardhouse sat. We asked the guard what the price was for one night. He informed us that for twelve hours it would cost $195 pesos, around $15.00 US. I thought it was somewhat strange to rent on a twelve-hour basis, but the price was very reasonable. We had a large load on top of and inside the car, so we were glad to see that included in the price was a lockable garage.

We walked up the stairs and into a spacious, clean room. As I looked around, I realized why these rooms rented half-day at a time. It included a king sized bed with a large mirror on the ceiling above it, a sitting/viewing area with two couches, one facing the bed and the other facing the stripper’s pole which stood very prominently on one end of the room next to the wash basin. On the nightstand, in a glued down ashtray, were complimentary mints and condoms. There was a phone and an industrial sized tissue dispenser on the wall next to the bed. Next to the door was a rotating wall butler where refreshments could be served without disturbing the occupants. The little television that sat on a rack facing the bed, we found out, played nothing but hard-core pornography in HD.

We dropped our bags, looked at each other, and began laughing hysterically. If we were not so tired from driving all day, this might have been fun! Hmmm. Although, I was not so sure about that copper stripper’s pole….it looked pretty dang flimsy.

Both of us collapsed into bed, turned off the porn, and watched ourselves fall asleep in the mirror.


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