The Enemy Is Not Russia Or Putin: It’s Hypocrisy

The Enemy Is Not Russia Or Putin: It’s Hypocrisy

By Marcel Woland


putin2015Re: “Dictator Disease” (July Ojo), iconic of  Ms. Harwood’s piece is a photo-shopped image of her target, Putin. It has appeared in Gessen’s hatchet-job The Man without a Face; Harding’s narcissistic Mafia State: How One reporter became an Enemy of the Brutal New Russia; and Time Magazine’s Putin, Person of the Year. The CIA’s Chief of Covert Action said, while publishing Dr Zhivago, that books were “the most important weapon of strategic propaganda.” (The Zhivago Affair, Pantheon 2014)

No evidence is given of Putin’s: “long-simmering ambition to become the most powerful leader in the world,” “coveting respectability”; being a “KGB thug” – who was a ‘desk’ lieutenant-colonel while Bush the First was Head of the CIA; “Imposter” – true of Harwood’s paragon, Catherine, who had no real claim to the throne. Yet Putin’s portrait acts subliminally, making unfounded slanders seem plausible.

Some facts about Crimea: In 1779 Catherine took Crimea from the Turks. It remained part of Russia until 1954 when it was illegally handed to the Ukraine by Kruschev.  In 1991, Crimeans held a referendum in which they voted for independence from The Ukraine: voter turnout 84%; for independence 94%. But to no avail. These results were amply confirmed in the 1994 and 2014 referenda. Putin bettered Catherine by helping Crimea free itself, not from the Turks this time, but from the US-sponsored Poroshenko junta in Kiev – without firing a single shot!

What ex-Ukrainians want to get away from now is this: the CIA/USSD coup d’etat in Kiev which brought war, disorder and the loss of sovereignty. This is the inescapable fact from which all adult discussion must commence: The ‘Ukrainian government’ was installed by and is controlled by the USA. Nuland-Pyatt leaked conversation _COMPLETE with SUBTITLES – YouTube

I will skip lightly over the bodice-ripper prose of Harwood’s article: Putin “brazenly invading” and “sidling into” Ukraine, (‘proof’ of which may be found “…in Tweets”); Angela Merkel’s fondness for hanging fellow-Austrian (‘Catherine’s’ real name was: Sophie Friederike Auguste von Anhalt-Zerbst-Dornburg) dominant females on her wall ; and finally, breathless charges of “midnight Al Capone-style assassinations” of “the best and brightest” by “a jack-booted gangster.” Harwood is a hanging judge. But the darling Empress of Voltaire once opined: “It is better that a hundred guilty men go free than have one condemned unjustly.” How things change!

The lynching continues with: “Dictator Disease has ruined Zimbabwe, North Korea, seriously damaged Cuba, Syria, Sudan, South Sudan, the Congo, Myanmar, and destroyed Libya and Iraq.” A defense attorney may point out that the common denominator in all these cases is not ‘dictators’, but the USA.

And then ‘the drop’… “Yet, instead of pulling back troops, he’s fomenting [sic] a war in Ukraine and has convinced Russian citizens, even some living in Ajijic, that the U.S. somehow caused it.” The above smells less of Catherine’s boudoir than of McCarthy’s Senate Chamber. In Cultural Imperialism, Edward Said wrote of US global hegemony and its justifiers: “Worse yet has been the amazing (often passive) collaboration with these practices on the part of intellectuals, artists, journalists whose positions at home are progressive and full of admirable sentiments, but the opposite when it comes to what is done abroad in their names.”

John Wight said in CounterPunch: “The US is a global hegemon, with over 1,000 military bases covering the planet, eleven navy battle carrier groups, and a military budget currently exceeding that of every other major industrialized nation combined [my italics].” Russia has three bases!

Harwood’s article ignores not just “an elephant in the room” but a herd of them.


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