The Silent Partners

The Silent Partners

By Terry and Carole Baker


jaltepec april2016How time flies, it seems like only yesterday that Jaltepec hosted its annual Christmas Dinner and Luncheon fund raising events, followed by its Open House on January 28th.  We would like to send our deep appreciation to all who attended and contributed to sponsoring the various Jaltepec students whom are in need. By means of the Sponsorship program, these students from predominantly very low income families are given the gift of an education that that will remain with them all of their lives and contribute to their ongoing success. These Sponsors, small, medium and large donors, are the students “Silent Partners.”  Through their generosity they know that they are making a profound difference in the lives of the students that they have helped sponsor.  Thank you.

2016 has been a very successful year and also a very challenging year at Jaltepec. A major change was the formation of the one year “Preparatoria” in September 2014. Due to the need to create a firm foundation of education prior to entering the two year program, Jaltepec established a one year intense Preparatoria instead of the normal three year High School Preparatoria. 12 Students enrolled in September 2014 and of those who graduated, eleven were accepted in 2015 for the two year Jaltepec Technical Universitario en Hoteleria degree.

The challenging news is that we have more qualified students in need of sponsorship in 2016 than in previous years. At Jaltepec our sponsorship programs are very flexible, from one time donations, (we have many in the $500 to $3,000 peso’s level), annual donations designated for those in most need, or either part time or full time student sponsorship – it is the sponsor’s choice.

For information or donations, please contact Linda Buckthorp, by email or 766-1631

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