Focus on Art – August 2016

Focus on Art

By Rob Mohr

The Fountain of Youth
“Art is a form of Consciousness.” Leo Tolstoy



New to Lakeside? Like to grow young again? Enter the exciting world of the arts and drink deep from the fountain of youth. Your life will be enriched by the mystery and excitement that unfolds when you become a participant in the growing community of writers and artists here at Lakeside.  You will wake up every day to face a blank page, or empty canvas, to the reality and complexities of the creative process and the struggle to find form and direction in the work you undertake as you explore that vast store of knowledge amassed by those who have gone before you. Aware of the dimensions of the task, the excitement inherent in becoming an artist or writer through disciplined effort, you will begin to reassemble the fragments of your life into a coherent whole, a way of seeing that is fresh and current. The creation of worlds whose scope and order push art forward requires time and discipline.

When you fail (and you will fail) you may be tempted to settle for the creation of variations of themes based on the works of historic schools. But if you persist in the search for your truth, your failures will enable you to unravel art’s mystery, and create works that are intuitive and relevant: worlds that are a species unto themselves, subtle, nuanced, sensual, evolved, intelligent and coherent worlds that exist outside of chronological time.

You will join a community of writers and artists who have walked through the challenges into new life singing their “songs of freedom,” and in the process discover mentors and communities that empower your efforts.  Groups like the Lake Chapala Painting Guild offer companionship and help to develop the skills needed to enact your dreams. The Ajijic Writer’s Group, founded and coordinated by Alejandro Grattan, provides essential critiques and a sharing community.The Chapala- basedwriters group chaired by Jim Tipton and Victoria Schmidt offers a creative forum.And The Not Dead Yet Poets group motivates new poets through public readings and personal encouragement.

My hope is that my words will inspire you to enter the creative life and join the fun and crazy world artist and writers inhabit. Meet now a few of the disciplined writers and artists who live and work at Lakeside. The quality of their achievements will surprise you.

Painter and color theorist Lois Schroff invigorates life at Lakeside with her wisdom and subtle paintings. Rainer Gocksch’s sculptures encapsulate the essence of emerging life.


lois spirit abstract


Poet Judy Dykstra-Brown’s sensual and organic observations uncover unseen worlds evoked by her magic use of language. Poet Margaret  Van Every probes the core of human experience as she reassembles the passages of her life. With deft hand and mind Michael Warren offers a scholarly understanding of the craft of poetry.  And poet Mel Goldberg’s tight Haiku demonstrate cutting precision of rare beauty.

amazed by

white clouds

I accept my poverty

Drink deep from the fountain. Open your spirit to the new life that will begin with your first creative effort.



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