Surrounded by an army of doom and gloom cynics,

I enrolled into the University of Hell.

Going for a Masters in Wisdom,

with a Minor in Instinct.

Discovering a fortress of absolutes,

With an armor almost impenetrable,

Where intangible forces filled with possibilities

and probabilities penetrate.

Gazing into a thousand one horizons,

I became tender, more vulnerable.

Tears of joy and sadness cascade,

Allowing my inner soul to connect.

Walking a path in my own rhythm,

Allowing instinctive forces to guide me,

As I discover the pain,

Learning that nothing is permanent,

Everything is temporary.

Living in a world of an adolescent,

Where pain is part of growth,

Possibilities and probabilities allow intangible

miracles to counter dogmatic absolutes,

So I walk in innocence!

With faith, love and hope.

By Traveling Stanley Unger


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