Ramblings From The Ranch

Ramblings From The Ranch

By Linda Goldman


What do Tilly, One-eyed Jack and six adorable puppies have in common? They were either abandoned, abused or ran away, all of them to be rescued by the Ranch’s responsive services.  Those dogs are not alone – over seventy other dogs currently call The Ranch home, each with a story as to why they were rescued and how they came to live at The Ranch, waiting to be adopted.

Tilly was one of a liter of five puppies dropped off along the road.  Six months later this adorable beauty is walked and fed by volunteers until she can curl up on a soft bed with a family to call her own.  The other pups, her brothers and sisters, have found homes, now Tilly patiently waits for hers.

One-eyed Jack ran away from an abusive situation, his scars bearing silent testimony to what his life was like before living at The Ranch.  Fiercely fearful when he first arrived, Jack has learned to trust humans and is now playing and fetching a ball while he too awaits a kinder home than the one he fled.

Then there are the puppies.  They were not the first box of puppies to be abandoned and left at The Ranch, and won’t be the last.  Still too young to be without their mother, volunteers lovingly bathe and dry them as they tremble, frightened and alone.  But, in no time at all they are joyous, rolling in the grass, jumping on one another, chewing on toys.  Like all of the dogs they long to make someone’s life a whole lot happier.

That’s what happens at The Ranch – dogs are saved, but only with help from our community.  In this season of giving, please consider making a donation of time, money or adopting a dog or two!

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