“World View 2016”

“World View 2016”

By Lois Schroff

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In 2013, 350 ppm (parts per million) was considered a safe level of CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions in our atmosphere in order that we continue our comfortable life-style. Further, we were told by our leading scientific thinkers, that if the number grew to 450ppm, we would find ourselves in danger. Now, in only three years, in April of 2016, the number escalated to 409ppm. Is it any wonder that the leaders of the US and China have finally announced that they will join the rest of the world in addressing “climate change”–hopefully meaning that they will put in place meaningful legislation to curb the appetite of multi-national corporate greed—capitalism—before it is too late.

Materialistic thinking (materialistic science) seems not to be concerned about life, except where it can be gainfully manipulated through animal feedlots, immigrating workers, chemical dumping and spraying, water manipulating, soil  poisoning and wholesale destruction of rain forests. A deeper understanding is needed (a science of nature rather than simply matter) where ideas can develop concerning how life can be sustained, rather than exploited.

It must be obvious after thousands of years of aggressive behavior that our systems of non-compassion are overcoming us. Fracking that leads to earthquakes, ever more destructive wars with the latest scientific gadgets, an over-heated planet, polluted land and plastic-filled oceans are some of the rewards. Perhaps space exploration is being promoted in order to discover a planet we can move to after we destroy earth?

Corn, soybeans and grains are covering former rain forests in order to provide sufficient food to fatten livestock for our hamburgers, steaks, ham and bacon. But the animal agriculture industry can make more money running the grains through animals first than by simply allowing farmers to raise grains for direct human consumption. We want to shield ourselves from the processes required to butcher billions of cattle and hogs to satiate our appetites. It would be just as effective in promoting human health (while at the same time protecting the rain forests and other tillable soil) if humans simply ate the grains that provide as much protein as do animal products.

Unless we wake up and see ourselves as part of the great plan of nature and not towering above it, it seems we will go on fighting with each other and with our verdant planet until we destroy everything. After that time, the lichen will grow once more and nature will prevail.


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