Education Equals Success

Education Equals Success


Christmas at JaltepecThis first article of the New Year 2016 will reflect the success of the December Christmas events hosted at Jaltepec, describe the current status of the newly renovated Jaltepec Conference Centre, and provide dates for future endeavours that encompass the sponsorship Program.

The December 2015 annual Christmas dinner and luncheon were very well attended and included the superb Los Cantantes del Lagos Choir with Maestro Timothy G. Ruff Welch.  The newly expanded dining room retained its original ambiance while providing an enhanced space to enjoy the excellent full course roast turkey dinner prepared and served by the Jaltepec students.

The Conference Centre and Retreat: Originally a Retreat Centre established 48 years ago, it was built to provide the young women with experience in technical hotel management and support.

The funding required to rebuild the Retreat Centre was undertaken by Foundation Group, Mexico City and Foundation Group Guadalajara. Currently the Centre is 95% completed, while awaiting additional funds to be raised, and is fully functioning.

The Academic side of Jaltepec.The Conference Centres catering and domestic management is conducted by the Jaltepec students on a business foundation and provides intensive training on a daily basis.  Other funding for their education and residence costs originate from various sources related to our two Foundation Groups in Mexico City & GDL., Parents / students payments and where there is a short fall, from generous individual sponsors, such as yourselves.

March 17th2016 is the date for the Annual Fund Raising Dinner.

On behalf of all the students and staff of Jaltepec, we wish you a Happy and Peaceful New Year. The donations that are made, no matter how small or large, have major significant positive career and life impacts on all the young women students at Jaltepec.

Terry and Carole Baker

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