Rites of Passage at Jaltepec Centro Educativo

Rites of Passage at Jaltepec Centro Educativo

By Terry and Carole Baker


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At Jaltepec, Graduation will take place in August 2016 and the hard working second year students are soon to complete the coveted Technical Degree in Hoteleria. They have been immersed in two years of intense studies and activities which can be seen as their “Rites of Passage,” leading to a daunting future that will change their youthful lives forever.

A “Rite of Passage” is a ceremonial transition from one phase of life to another. Although it is often used to describe the tumultuous transition from adolescence to adulthood, it can also refer to any journey concerned with initiatory rites of passage. Initiation is defined as, “the rites, ceremonies, ordeals or instructions with which a youth is formally invested with adult status in a community, society or sect.” The Jaltepec Rites of Passage involves classwork, practical lessons, entrepreneurial proposals and projects, administration, finance, community work experience and volunteering as examples. One recent exciting event was the Jaltepec Entrepreneurial Expo Presentations held in April 2016.

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The Business Incubation Department of the Pan American University in Guadalajara as well as local prominent business people were present to judge those students wishing to start up their own businesses after graduation.  The successful competitors received an ON LINE Business Instruction Guide, UNI- EMPRENDE, valued at $7,000 pesos, to be completed in one year or sooner.  The Business Incubation Department was also there for the student should she need advice or guidance for the first two years of starting up her business venture.

We are pleased to report that two teams excelled. One student is planning to start a business with cooking classes in Oaxaca. The second team of three plans to open a café. Congratulations to all!

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