The Path

The Path

By Nancy Greenheart



All things can be seen as reflections of Highest Knowledge. By the power of my will I choose how I see, on what do I focus, and how to clean the lens of my mind. Now this lifetime’s values seem outlived, as I awaken from a foggy dream. I am aware of a Source of powerful Love, beyond my recent comprehension; a benevolence to guide my way past self-imposed blocks, unneeded defenses, even past self-projected minefields.

Now I can move toward simple happiness.

I set aside obsolete pre-occupations and let my Higher Self lead me to the next dawning awareness on the path.  In this newness, I see that I have no sin that needs absolution; I am free to proceed in Wholeness.

Since I was created Whole in Love, I realize I am still a pure love being. Old guilts are deceptions, like out-of-date traffic signs, on this path. Knowing that, I can move forward, relieved of the confusion of these guilty mis-directions.

As I quiet my mind, I can find connection with inner guidance for direction on this path. In this tranquil state, I can also better consider the sayings of others who traveled before me, such as: Buddha, Jesus, Rumi, and Yogananda. I find many wise directions they have in common: Seekers will be finders; forgive one another and oneself; perform small acts of loving kindness; be confident of God’s Love; look beyond all the differences that seem to divide us; breathe deeply and slowly.

As I contemplate what they have found and seen, I share a glimpse of their vision.  They realized they were a part of a vast oneness of Infinite Love. Some spoke of a non-linear path, begun when time began; the path that leads back to our essence: where our birthright is Perfect Wholeness; our inheritance is Profound Peace; and our eternal home is Complete Bliss.

I follow this path of quiet meditation, deep thought and simple acts of love.


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