(My Cane)

By Karen Calderon



I want to introduce my 3rd leg, constant companion “Bertha’s Beast.”

Its main purpose is balance so it keeps me off the ground at least.

The Beast has hidden talents, which were a nice surprise.

Taco my dog is protected from nasties by Beast’s strength and size.

The Beast alerts all men there is a lady in need of help so they better hurry too.

So the men waste not a moment to offer their hand as they should certainly do.

The Beast is not something I dreamed about possessing.

But I admit it gives me Independence which is a Blessing.

My vision of the Beast was only with an invalid or old one.

I do not see myself that way so this is just for fun?

With my Lord’s help my anger will certainly melt away.

I have been humbled with this body and hope it is not here to stay.

The sooner the better that the Beast and I learn to Love one another,

Then God will give me humor to accept it all together.

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