Rambling From The Ranch

Rambling From The Ranch

By Linda Goldman


Christmas Eve 2015 was typical for many, a holiday dinner with friends and family, maybe singing and exchanging gifts.  But for 22 dogs rescued from intolerable conditions inside the house of an extreme hoarder, that night was filled with miracles.  Shaken and terrified by their ride in the back of a panel truck another miracle occurred as one of rescued dogs gave birth to a litter of pups. Calls went out to all the shelters around the area with the hope of finding homes, even temporary.  The dogs were dispersed throughout the community, five straight to the Ranch.

The frightened dogs were unloaded from the truck and led into the play yard, biting, jumping and howling unsure of their new surroundings and their futures.  Once in the yard they all ran to the furthest corner, huddled together in a pack where they would spend the night.

Christmas Day the volunteers at The Ranch sprang into action, calling anyone who had expressed an interest in fostering or adopting.  One volunteer, Moe, took two small dachshunds, Lily and Mocha.  At first the two dogs would not approach Moe at all, they huddled together eyeing her suspiciously.  Coming from inhumane conditions it was no wonder they were distrustful.  But, Moe believed the two pups would learn to trust.  And she was right – as night settled in Moe noticed them inching closer to her as she sat on the couch watching TV.  Before too long, although apprehensive, they allowed Susie to pet them.  Soon they were enjoying hugs and cuddles like other dogs that have not been traumatized.  Now Lily and Mocha take long walks along the malecon, let other humans pet them and even enjoy playing with other dogs. The Ranch does one thing and does it well – it saves the lives of dogs. Please join us by donating time, money or doggie companionship.  Contact us at www.lakesidespayandneutercenter.com


For more information about Lake Chapala visit: www.chapala.com

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