Remarks Given at a Recent Ajijic Writers’ Group

Remarks Given at a Recent Ajijic Writers’ Group

As Delivered (and written here) by Mark Sconce


ajijic writers group 2016The 672th meeting of the Ajijic Writers’ Group is now in session. Please come to order. Let me repeat that number, ladies and gentlemen—the 672th edition of the Ajijic Writers’ Group. Alejandro Grattan did the arithmetic, and since he was the co-founder of our group 28 years ago, he ought to know. However, as he also noted, “Any way you slice it, that makes me pretty damn old.” But young at heart!

You know, we Lakeside Writers take a certain vicarious pride knowing that D.H. Lawrence, Somerset Maugham and Tennessee Williams, among others, worked on their masterpieces here in Ajijic and Chapala. But what about those who were also talented if less lionized and were members of the Writers’ Group back when.  Members who wrote novels that made the NYTimes Best-seller lists, another whose script won an award at the Cannes Film Festival, and another whose script was nominated for the British equivalent of the Oscar. One member had her work translated into twelve languages, and yet another wrote the very first novel set against a Mexican-American background, that being the hugely successful (published by Doubleday, and translated into ten languages) Chicano by Richard Vasquez.

the hillOr Ray Rigby and his movie The Hill, which starred Sean Connery. Another name would be Jim Tuck, a longtime columnist for the Ojo and early member of the group—who wrote and sold some 400 articles to various magazines and newspapers in the US, Canada and the UK. More recently, Roberto Moulon whose book, The Iguana Speaks My Name, was reviewed favorably in the prestigious Kirkus Review. Then of course those current members whose talents are also impressive.  I would name names but . . . well, you know who you are.

Can we agree then that it is time to pay tribute to the man who set the stage some 28 years ago for all of us here? His seven novels (including the award-winning  The Dark Side of the Dream), hundreds of  El Ojo del Lago editorials, almost two dozen screenplays, award-winning movies, and of course the trenchant critiques here at our meetings all give witness to his talent, and the willingness to share his professional expertise with all of us.  It is time to say Thank You, Sr. Alejandro Grattan-Dominguez!

PS: Coffee is still only Five Pesos and propinas are still welcome.

Remarks Given at a Recent Ajijic Writers’ Group​

As Delivered (and written here) by Mark Sconce





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