Parrochia AjijicLake Chapala is dramatically bordered to the north by a steep rugged mountain range called “Sierra de San Juan Cosalá.” Accentuated by huge basalt rock formations, its summit reaches well over 7,500-feet in elevation. There are a number of challenging trails within these mountains established by the locals over many years to help gain access to various natural resources, including firewood, building materials, and plant food.

Unless you are an avid hiker, most people are not aware of a natural phenomenon that occurs in these mountains. Shortly after the rainy season begins in June and lasting till the end of November their slopes experience a complete transformation. Once parched ground and dead-appearing vegetation quickly turns into a living “paradise” rich in diverse and lush plant life. Wildflowers increase profusely as the season progresses to the point of becoming a “natural botanic garden” by August and September, a refreshing display of many colors. Some flowers only last a short period of time and the opportunity to view them is gone quickly, while others continue much longer.

Over a 9-month growing season more than 115 different wildflowers have been captured on camera and are now part of a DVD presentation entitled “Wildflowers & Glimpses of the Lake Chapala Area.” Also included in this DVD are strategic scenic views and brief moments captured in the lives of the local people. Most is unseen by the eyes of those simply looking from a distance along the Lakeside Area below.

As an extra, this DVD is complimented with melodious background music, plus a double bonus concert selection featured at the end, performed by renowned Paraguayan Harpist Ismael Ledesma.

“It is my hopethat this DVD will stir up in the hearts of its viewers a greater awareness and appreciation for the natural beauty and some cultural elements of the local people that can be found within the Chapala Lakeside Area, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem.” Frank van Werkhooven, Photographer and DVD Editor

* All PROCEEDS from this DVDwill help to support the children at “VILLA INFANTIL Guadalupe y San Jose” ORPHANAGE located in Jocotopec, Jalisco, MX for a minimum donation of only $200 pesos. Where to obtain copies of this DVD go to: http://www.villainfantil.com.mx


For more information about Lake Chapala visit: www.chapala.com

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