Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day

By Mark Boyer



Do you ever feel like you are in an endless loop on Groundhog Day? Sometimes I think it is just here, but I don’t think so. Same jokes, stories, dreams. Moments when you realize your jokes, stories, and dreams belong to someone else.

Potluck. Forced laughter. We’ll have to do this again soon. Maybe the redundancy is designed for us to see or understand something new. Or maybe redundancy is all there is.


Drink coffee, put on the same clothes, listen to the same song, eat the same food, and at some point in the evening shuffle off to sleep. 

Occasional sparks of creativity in a be-nice world. 

And every once in awhile a dog licks your face, and you wonder if he knows something you don’t. 

And every once in awhile there is a happy ending to a story, but somehow it feels forced . . . not genuine . . . not authentic. Or at best, impermanent.

And then it is time for another cup of coffee.


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