Northern Lights Mini-Gala

Northern Lights Mini-Gala

By Jim Cooper


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This September, Ajiijc will be home to two special guests, Daniel Moody and David Fung. David Fung visited Ajijic this last February with the Northern Lights Music Festival and wowed the audience with his rendition of Dimitri Shostakovich’s piano concerto #1 with strings and trumpet. He has fallen in love with Ajijic so has brought one of his musical colleagues, outstanding countertenor Daniel Moody from New York to show him around. They will be performing major concerts in Guadalajara but as a special treat they have consented to do two very small elite concerts here in the village while they are visiting. They want these concerts to be fundraisers for Christopher Wilshere’s Northern Lights Music Festival de Febrero.

On September 11 at 2:00 pm in the afternoon at the private home of John and Mary Bragg, David Fung will perform a private concert for his fans. He has been   described as “stylish and articulate” in the New York Times and praised as having “superstar qualities” by Le Libre. Mr. Fung performs regularly with the world’s foremost ensembles and it is an honor to have him play for us privately.  Recent and upcoming engagements include performances with the Cleveland Orchestra, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, the Israel Symphony Orchestra and most of the major orchestras worldwide.

Anyone who was an enthralled witness to David’s performances last February would urge that if there is any way to get tickets to these concerts, you do so immediately. As the concerts are in a private home and there will be a small cocktail party for David and Daniel beforehand. Tickets will be limited to under 80 people. A chance to see and hear a live performance of such renowned musicians is something special here in Ajijic.

On Sunday September 18th at 2:00 pm, the second concert will feature Daniel Moody at the home of Roseann and Tony Wilshere. Countertenor Daniel Moody has garnered widespread acclaim for his commanding yet expressive vocal timbre and his breathtaking musicianship.  Praised as having a “vocal resonance, [which] makes a profoundly startling impression” (The New York Times) and for his “vivid and powerful” voice (The Boston Musical Intelligencer), Mr. Moody is equally known for his “sweet and melancholy sound” (The Washington Post) and ability to “pierce hearts” and “utterly silence a room” (The Boston Musical Intelligencer) with his expressivity and deep connection with audiences. 

See for yourself.  Check either of them out on youtube and Wikipedia-David Fung and Daniel Moody. Tickets are $400 pesos and can be purchased by contacting Maureen or call 376-108-1407  (save the dates Feb.11-26 for Northern Lights Festival 2017)


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