The Ojo Internet Mailbox – September 2016

The Ojo Internet Mailbox

(Wherein we publish some comments about our previous issues.)


Editor’s Page – July 2016

Christy Wiseman

You make a serious concern of many of us here at Lakeside into an enjoyable and informative read. Bravo!

What Color Is Mexico?

Ken Salzmann

Fabulous! What a delight to read!

THE BEAR WHO CAME TO LUNCH &—and other adventures from my life as a Park Ranger

Bryan Smith

A great summary of an excellent career! Also, splendid piece of writing!
I freely admit, it was an honor and pleasure to work with you at Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial.

Torquemada And The Spanish Inquisition

Linda L. Steele

Very well-written and very educational! Lorin reveals a more informative view of an unfortunate historical event.

New Revolution In Mexico

Alexander Maidan

Very well written and informative article full of love for art and Mexico at the same time. Brava! Rose.

Jack the Ripper—Part Three

Christy Wiseman

Interesting analysis – I’ve enjoyed all three articles and learned a bit along the way. It does make me wonder if the extensive violence we are currently offered on t.v. and in movies might desensitize and negatively influence the behavior of some who otherwise might not act out their violent extremist tendencies?

From Doctor To Patient

Christy Wiseman

A most interesting article. I appreciated this doctor’s sharing his humanity with us. ‘Walking in our shoes’ will no doubt make him a better doctor and a more compassionate person. Thanks!

Andy Rooney On Sex!

John Chester

I have SERIOUS doubts that these REALLY came from Andy Rooney!!!

The Egyptian Caravan

Gabrielle Blair

I liked this interesting account of two caravan journeys offering some historical information and some personal anecdote. A great touch to conclude with the origins of the Statue of Liberty. I wonder how many citizens of New York know from where their city’s icon originates.

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