Ramblings From The Ranch

Ramblings From The Ranch

By Linda Goldman

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Little Monte was hurled out of an RV window speeding along the Carreterra one morning. Luckily for her the car behind saw the horrendous act, pulled over and brought Monte to The Ranch. Remarkably Monte was unhurt and is thriving. Little Sombra was found roaming the hills of Ajijic by a hiking group. They hoped he was someone’s dog, but after he followed them for hours they realized he was abandoned, lonely and afraid. Fortunately, there was room at The Ranch for one more puppy.

Many Lakeside residents are aware of the fantastic work The Ranch accomplishes daily in its efforts to save dogs from starvation, homelessness and abuse. Long time residents notice the difference in the dog population going from out of control to a manageable situation. The efforts of The Ranch, other shelters, the spay and neuter programs all contribute to solving what seemed to be an unsolvable problem.

Many of you have adopted a dog or two from The Ranch. And many folks volunteer their time, walking, training and feeding dogs. Attending fundraisers and making regular monetary donations are excellent ways to assure The Ranch continues their work.

But, did you know there is another way to support The Ranch’s mission and leave your own legacy for decades to come? Planned giving is the act of leaving all or part of your estate to The Ranch. It can be in the form of money, investments or real estate. For example houses left to The Ranch can be rented out, producing ongoing monthly income or sold for a sum that can be used toward an endowment to ensure The Ranch remains a vital part of the community.

For more information on contributing to The Ranch contact: www.adoptaranchdog@outlook.com or 331.270.4447


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