AVALANCHE! Buried Alive

AVALANCHE! Buried Alive


It’s only hypothetical, but how would you survive

An avalanche scenario: Buried while alive?

The only food you could have brought was your own food for thought;

Starvation of the mind, it seems, means all you have forgot!


In such a situation, aren’t you likely to regret

All the petty, insubstantial, simple-minded things you’ve met?

That includes the grade B movies, airport thrillers, and the rest:

All the sitcoms, television ads, and tawdry tabloid press.


From an under-snow perspective, as you’re lying there supine,

Won’t this flimsy fare mean famine for your deconstructing mind?

And as your thoughts and fears revolve around your desperate plight,

Don’t you wish those thoughts were lucent in an ever darkening night?


Thoughts about your loved ones, yes, and memories of home,

But what will you encounter when your mind begins to roam?

Soliloquies from Shakespeare?  A little fugue from Bach?

Recollect them, Pilgrim, as you listen to your clock.


Your memory is your friend for life, now that you’re lying prone.

You’ll need the Psalms and Bible quotes now that you’re all alone.

I personally have memorized the verses of a friend,

While the poetry of Pushkin will preserve me till the end.


Keep browsing intellectually; don’t starve that grayish cell;

Live burial is but one of many forms of living hell.

Feed your head each day, my friend, not just from nine to five;

You’ll never know nor e’er regret the comfort you’ll derive.


—Mark Sconce—


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