Report From The People’s Choir

Report From The People’s Choir

Singing as One
By Cindy Paul



Science says that singing is good for the body as well as the spirit. That’s easy for me to believe these days. Last year, I finally gave in to the nagging voice in my head, quietly mumbling over and over, “Start a choir, start a choir, a choir, are you listening? So start one!” In June of 2016, I started the Lake Chapala Chorale, and this December is our one-year debut anniversary. We have completed three seasons already, and each has been more successful, culminating last October with “Singing on a Star,” a Broadway revue that sold out all four performances.

To celebrate, like hobbits, we’re giving the Lakeside community a wonderful concert full of nostalgia and Christmas cheer this December. No matter what your personal beliefs are, this program will warm your heart and reconnect you with your innocence, your family memories, and your love of all things that sparkle or come wrapped in paper, ribbon-bedecked.

Working with the Chorale has been a delight for me. I’m learning all the time, and my health has improved dramatically too. I have more energy than I ever had and people say I look ten years younger. The fact is, my life, which I thought was over when my husband died, is now a dream come true.

For the members of the LCC, the experience has also provided innumerable benefits, both physical and otherwise. Singing for two hours is real work, and the results over a surprisingly short period of time are impressive. You work your mind as you oxygenate it, improving the memory and brain chemistry. You work your whole body and open up the energy channels, improving your overall physical wellbeing. And you sing – hopefully as one voice – with other like-minded people who love music. You make friends that last and bring joy to those who hear you. What a nice thing to do with your precious time!

Together, the chorale has created countless unforgettable moments. During both our rehearsals and concerts, we have all witnessed acts of heroism and courage, dedication and altruistic good will. There’s just something about a bunch of people singing together. You breathe in as one, you breathe out as one. You tune up and tune in to each other. You constantly strive for unity, and often, you actually find it. Who knew it was right there all along, in your own breath and longing to make music?


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