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Linda Perez

I Love This Story! … Very fascinating!… Very well written!.. Thank you!

Brigadoon II

Herbert W. Piekow

Mark, although I heard you read this piece I enjoyed the slow read. You should have been a diplomat. I once knew a Saudi diplomat who was well known and respected for his poetry, you remind me of that revered gentleman.

An Old Man’s Musings


You brought this wonderful memory to vivid life. Absolutely beautifully done! Thank you for sharing.

Editor’s Page – December 2016

Gabrielle Blair

I have just read your excellent editorial about McNamara. What a sad, sad episode of history that war was and how well you sum up the after effects of the damage it left behind. And yet, in spite of the lessons that should have been learned from that disaster, the US will not sit still, even to this day. No other country invades and bombs to smithereens the US people, its cities and its countryside, and yet they continue to invade and destroy other sovereign states in the name of freedom, weapons of mass destruction or some other rubbish. Of course, nowadays they are much more cautious about men on the ground doing the dirty work, because they have the fabulous technical advance of drones. What a waste of valuable resources that could be put to such good use on their home soil. Thank you for reminding us of the futility of the Vietnam War and by extension, more or less any of the wars that have come after it.

Who Is This Jesus?

Marcel Woland

I love your secular history of Jesus. I am sorry that the Zeitgeist did not allow the slightest mention of the most important aspect of the Ministry and person of Jesus – without which he would have been merely another teacher, like Confucius or Rumi or merely another philosopher, like Spinoza or Sartre – that he was ‘the way’ to eternal life.

Had he not been the Saviour and the Son of God, he would have been utterly forgotten by the ‘deplorables and irredeemables’ of his mostly pre-literate age and consequently, forgotten to all time. As it is, he not only transformed the world of the Jews of his time, most of which left the old religion and followed him, becoming Christians, but even more completely and radically changed the rest of the cultures and peoples of the planet.
Even those, like the people of Mexico and the Americas, whose existence was unknown at the time. It is not so much his teachings that captivated all the above people, as his timeless, mystical answer to the thorniest questions of life and death.

“World View 2016”

Michael Cook

Lois… A very gracious piece. We humans seem to have a total disregard for nature as away of repairing itself. Wake up!



Nothing like a story that leaves you hanging…



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