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What is the main reason you retired to Lakeside?


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To experience a slower and simpler way of life, less dependent on a vehicle. Ajijic very much resembled the small town that I was born in and which we moved away from when I was 13. But that was in 2001 and Ajijic is nothing like it was then.


Interests: My wife, kayaking, rowing, reading, bridge, dogs. Lake, Guadalajara, proximity to airport. Not sure if where we live qualifies as lakeside but it only takes us 15 minutes to get there.


Interests: Walking, gardening, fine wine and food, cooking, bbq and entertaining.  Prior to retirement, lots of articles about best places to retire (Internationally, not US) and San Miguel Allende and Ajijic kept making top 10 lists. So we visited SMA in 2002 and while we liked it, it didn’t really do much for us. We paid over $200 for a nice room in a B&B and good restaurants were priced like they were in Seattle. Fast forward to 2005 when we visited here.  Bingo. Our short list of needs was met: moderate weather, close to both an international airport and a large metropolitan city (and Costco, Home Depot, etc), easy drive to the beach and easy drive to the US via Laredo. 


San Miguel de Allende was too cold in the winter. San Pancho was too hot in the summer. Ajijic is juuuusssst right.


Interests: Reading, Gorgeous Scenery, Lakeside, Cats & Dogs, The Arts, Writing, Biking, Hiking, Kayaking, Depends on the Moment! I was just fortunate and somehow smart enough to “let life lead me” to this beautiful life here.  I badly needed to get out of the rat race NOB.  Even though I was really following someone else’s lead, I have never regretted moving here.  I love the culture, the beauty, the weather, the Mexican people, and the way of life.  It’s like “forever day camp,” with as little or as much to do as you wish.  I love how easy it is to meet people and connect with people.


Weather, friendliness of community, reasonable cost of living–especially when looking into the future for in-home care, easy access to services, slower way of life,  vicinity of international airport. Just a few months ago we were ready to sign the papers to buy a gorgeous home in Centro SMA. But we made a side trip to Ajijic along the way….and had second thoughts about SMA, which in comparison seemed too big, too reserved, and lacked a decent support system. Also, it was more difficult to get around SMA as it is quite sprawling now.  So we ended up buying in Ajijic. 


Location: San Luis Soyatlán Interests: Waking another day. The warmest people in Mexico, but the weather and restaurants put here over-the-top.


Location: Ajijic, Mexico  Angus Mactavish said:  “The warmest people in Mexico, but the weather and restaurants put here over-the-top.” ‘Tis true. The reasons one picks a place are often not the reasons that one stays.


The weather, the altitude, no poison ivy, great tacos, and affordable fruits and vegetables.


Even with the weekend tourists and the ever-increasing traffic, life is just so much more laid back, and easier to deal with. My blood pressure is always lower than it was up north.


Love living amongst Mexican people. We have vacationed at Mexican beach resorts for several years. Those trips were vacations that just happen to be in Mexico and not at all a comparison to living in Jalisco.   We have met so many kind, wise and generous people during our five years here. Looking beyond the despair and poverty we wanted to retire here. Keeping open minded and reminding ourselves of the well known quote “when in Rome……” the choice became easier.

The color, even before primavera time, the sounds, even the “annoying” shrill of cicadas joining the choir of the feathery birds. The odor, even of the reused fat of whatever food is fried. Those people stand behind the huge greasy caldrons proudly smile and offer you to taste what is being prepared. Those same people at the parks and boardwalks prove that joy and relaxation are where we stand.

The blueberries (my favorite fruit/berry) are a mere bonus. 


The US elections of 2000 (hanging chad in Florida) and 2004 (11 states voting on the Defense of Marriage to get conservatives to the polls) were the straw that broke the camel’s back. I decided when I retired in 10 years I would leave the US and it would be to a warm climate. Visited Puerto Vallarta, and Costa Rica. Nope.  Came here. Knew within 24 hours this was the place. It was a gut feeling. Continued searching, comparing. San Miguel de Allende, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands. Nothing beat Ajijic. Retired in 2014, came here soon thereafter and have had no regrets. The specific reason I came here, though, was a simple gut feeling. Ajijic spoke to me. 


Top reason: great climate/weather. All the rest is a bonus


Affordable all day care for my husband who is severely handicapped. Turns out not only is it affordable, but the caregivers are the most loving, kind, responsible, friendly people, not just to him but also to me. (Sufficient money for care in other countries could never pay for people like this). I am finally able to retire, something I thought would never happen in the states.


We just returned from a trip up north… $60 for lunch at the airport… a genuine eye opener… It went downhill from there… We came here approximately 18 months ago, bought and couldn’t be happier… We cut our living expenses 2/3rds which was a bonus… Excellent health care, international airport, warm locals and of course the weather… A big plus is if future in home care is required it is affordable and excellent…


What would you suggest that might make living at Lakeside even better?



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