A Positive Parade

A Positive Parade

By Rico Wallace

mexican child parade


On a sunny day, going home, Sammy stopped by the church. Fortunately the Padre was there, holding his beads, praying. “Padre, I want to give you this donation; I experienced a miracle,” he said.

“Bless you my son,” the Padre said. ”Was it a vision?”

“My car broke down in the desert and nobody would help us,” Sammy said. “My wife was terrified, so I held her hand and said, ‘Jesus you told us, all we have to do is ask, and you will move mountains.’ Right away a man pulled up, delivering water, and we begged him to help us. He said he would. His name was Pedro.”

 “Oh, my son,” the Padre exclaimed while making the sign of the cross. “’I build my Church upon this Rock.’”

“He towed us to a mechanic and then drove us to a hotel while they worked on the car. The Mechanico’s name was Gabriel,” Sammy said.

“Oh, my sweet Lord,” the Padre said. “An Angel of God.”

“I know, Father,” Sammy said. “His name means, ‘sent from God.’”

“A miracle, a miracle,” the Padre shouted. Out of the Church hurried another Priest and Brother and a few Sisters. “Let us follow you a while, my son,” Padre said. “So we can pray and bask in your glory from God.”

When they got to the Plaza a little girl came up to Sammy. “Mu-nee, mu-nee,” she said.   Sammy stopped and picked her up above his head. She laughed and made a little squeal. He brought her down and whispered in her ear. “Be good to your mother and father, Princess,” he said. “You can do and be anything you want.” The little girl, excited after being picked up off her feet, followed the Sisters with a couple of other children who were watching.

As they walked down Colon, a school band member, who was on his way to practice, saw them and phoned his Maestro. “There is a parade going down Colon,” he said.

“What?” the Maestro said. “A parade and they did not inform us? Stay where you are. We will come.” When they exited the trucks, they marched in the rear, tuning their instruments.

As Sammy turned on Ocampo, headed home, more children were joining. They were playing and teasing each other, “Mu-nee, mu-nee,” Down the street they romped. With Sammy, the Padres, the Brother, the Sisters, the Children, and the Band, there was now a crowd of people. At Six Corners, Sammy went up on the patio under the big tree. “I am almost home,” he said. “Take the people back to the Plaza.”

The Padre called out to Sammy, “What can we do for you my son?”

“Just believe,” Sammy said, “Tell them to believe.” The parade went up Hidalgo Street. The band was playing “When the Saints Go Marching In.” It was not long before Sammy heard the fireworks coming from the Plaza.



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