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The Deported

Cheri Dodge

I’m so sorry to hear of their plight but understand from others who have tried to stay in the US without going through the legal steps how it hurts their families. I just know if I tried to stay in another country without the proper papers I would be in danger of being caught and made to pay the piper. I went to school with a Mexican friend and knew her family what a different story. They did the right thing and are here contributing to our great country now to the third generation.

David Baird

Nicely done, Herbert!


In Defense Of Lima Beans

Bob Brandson

Hola Juan….I mean John. You are a truly gifted writer.

I really enjoy your musings and insights into lakeside life.

You may not recall me, but I was the white bearded dude who hung out with the late David Helton last winter. We would meet at Mama’s Bar for Friday Karaoke nights.

I’m hoping to return next month, but we shall see.

Que le vaya bien! Keep up the great writing!



To My Sons



Lucky sons.


Abraham Lincoln And Mexico

Mikel Miller

Kudos to reviewer Mark Sconce for his remarkable in-depth review of this important book. It makes a great gift for anyone who wants to pay homage to Lincoln before or after his birthday Feb. 12. Now available from Amazon in paperback, eBook, and audible versions. Enjoy!

Christy Wiseman

This book should be required reading, or at least on a supplementary reading list for history students in the United States. This book was such an eye opener to me and I appreciate all the research which went into it. I know we have the saying, “My country, right or wrong,” but this way of acquiring land from a weaker, neighboring, sovereign nation to make it part of that “my country” is unconscionable in my opinion. The irony in this is that had Lincoln been president 12 years earlier, considering the mutual respect and friendship he had with Benito Juarez, this never would have happened.

When we wish for transparency in our government’s dealings, we need to be prepared for the reality of what that transparency may reveal; truths of behaviors that may humble us to a degree we had heretofore never imagined. This may bring us to the enigma of “Does the end justify the means?” It is up to each of us to settle that answer within ourselves and then perhaps to decide on how we might act on our conclusion.

I do not love my country any less for having the truths in this book revealed. It is what it is, a ‘fait accompli,’ as are many actions of my government over which I have no control except to a very small extent at the ballot box, the results of which I’ve agreed to respect, but I do love and empathize with Mexico more than ever, if that is possible.


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