Welcome to Mexico! – March 2017

Welcome to Mexico!

By Victoria Schmidt

He’s Bored!

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While packing to move to Mexico, I had visions of all the time I would have on my hands. I’d finally get to finish those scrapbooks started so many years ago. I envisioned myself stretched out on a chase lounge sipping exotic fruit drinks, soaking up the sun while reading books I never before had the time to read. What a delicious fantasy, and one that remains to this day. I knew I would be spending time at the spa and touring Mexico one day-trip at a time. This, too, has remained beyond my reach. I laughed when I packed my alarm clock, thinking I’d have little use for it. After all, it’s retirement.

Once settled, I became involved in one organization and then another. There were warnings from new friends:  “Be careful, you can get too involved.” And I thought I was being careful. But soon my time was not my own. That alarm clock I thought would have no use for was waking me daily for one meeting or another. Those scrapbooks are still in their original containers, gathering dust in storage—there are just too many other things to do here. 

I joke with people telling them I’m tired of being retired. It is exhausting! I ran into a friend enjoying a leisurely lunch the other day, and she told me that her husband isn’t very happy here. He is bored.

“Bored?” I responded in disbelief. “Is he involved in anything here?” I asked. 

“No. He said he was retired and that he didn’t want to get involved in anything.” She said. 

Aha! And now he’s bored. I handed her a copy of the Ojo del Lago and said, “Look in the back, I’m sure there is something there that he can find to relieve his boredom.” 

At Lakeside, there are over sixty organizations…organizations of every kind.  He can volunteer for an organization, or find a group of people to play cards with. He could teach or mentor some of the area children.

There are theatres, movie theatres, choirs, orchestras, and many charity events. The weekly calendars are full of fund raisers, silent auctions, dances, fashion shows, and jazz renditions. There are discussion groups, singles groups, and dance groups. In the nearly ten years since our arrival in Mexico, my husband and I have seen many changes here. New malls, more shopping, different restaurants, schools, classes, and day trips.  There simply isn’t a lack of things to do!

And if there is something you want to do, and can’t find an already established group, or function, it can be created!

The weather here is so perfect, it rarely gets in our way of enjoying each and every day. 

Retirement isn’t the end. It is the next chapter. I challenge people to widen their horizons.  Do things they have never done before. I still haven’t settled down to finish those scrapbooks yet.  Maybe in another ten or twenty years when I slow the pace!

For more information about Lake Chapala visit: chapala.com

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