A Prayer To Guide You

A Prayer To Guide You


This is a prayer to guide you,

knowing the angels are beside you.

When the chaos of the moment

clutters and clouds your mind,

and the choices that confound you

are fogged by the choices left behind,

center and embrace the stillness

in order to find inside

what it is that you need to do, and

what you need to change about yourself?

Believe you can make a difference,

knowing you are not the savior of this world.

Be aware that if you delay any longer

in making positive moves,

you will deplete your energy.

You will no longer be able to walk through the door

your angels hold open for you.

Knowing that what you resist will always persist,

do not avoid the issues that confront you,

for they will always be waiting in the shadows

you have yet to leave behind.

Of what you say and think, always take care,

for your words and thoughts have wings.

They can drag you into a place of despair,

or lift you up, to a better space than here.

You are up to this momentary struggle and strife,

this daunting challenge of your changing life.

You are whole, you are focused,

you are here and happy

doing nothing more than

something that gives you joy,

and brings you peace of mind.

You deserve the best that life can offer,

and you must begin to do for you.

Visualize it. Taste it. Feel it.

And most of all believe

that what you are looking for

is waiting on the other side of the door,

and through it effortlessly, you will slide.

—John Thomas Dodds—


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