The Ojo Internet Mailbox – May 2017

The Ojo Internet Mailbox

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Editor’s Page – March 2017

Herbert Piekow

This is one of those stories that renews faith in all humanity. In my heart I hope that Celsito has succeeded and that he remembers you as fondly as you do him.

Editor’s Page – March 2017


Nice to know who you are through this story, and where your heart is. You are the man I have respected and with whom l have shared friendship thru the years. Great story. Rob

Tired, Just Tired

Bonnie Hall

You wrote from the heart my dear friend, and I think many of us should take what you wrote to heart. Most of us are retired, we shouldn’t always be in a hurry or feel stressed. We should all step back and be honest with ourselves, and then make time for ourselves. Thank you, Kathy, for your words of wisdom. I love you my friend!

The Lakeside’s “Mister Bojangles”

Mark Gulko

Thank you for this lovely story. We’ve only lived here a short time but have met Paul, heard about him a little. But this filled in so many blanks.

Tom Nussbaum

Without personally knowing Paul Katz, I have always suspected he had a fascinating story to tell and was worthy of an El Ojo del Lago article. Thank you Tom Eck for doing it. It was time.


Thank You, Mother!

Gabrielle Blair

A touching story with tons of sentiment without being cloying and sentimental.


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