Highlights from Jaltepec Centro Educativo

Highlights from Jaltepec Centro Educativo

Submitted by Carole & Terry Baker

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Christmas at Jaltepec

Reserve your table for the Christmas event prepared and served by the students with Musical Director Timothy G. Ruff Welch and a “Taste” of Los Cantantes del Lago.

Tuesday November 28th Luncheon

Wednesday November 29th Candlelight Dinner

Please contact Linda Buckthorp at 766-1631 or email buckthorplm@gmail.com

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At Jaltepec, 30 laptop computers are rented for $9500 pesos per month.  We have NO MEANS of purchasing these laptops.  Our students must have access to them to gain proficiency and expertise.  We can arrange monthly deductions for as little as $320 pesos -US $18.00 or CAD $20.00 from your Mexican Bank account to Jaltepec’s Multiva Account. 

Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Please contact Linda Buckthorp at 333-407-8193,766-1631 or email buckthorplm@gmail.com  for more information.

An inspirational poem for Linda Buckthorp –

From Bernie St. Louis, Rotary Club Mississauga, Canada

You are our leader, so, always remember…

You are a volunteer, as are we. The golden rule in volunteering is never let the leader fail. If the leader fails, we all fail. That’s why we operate as a team. Failure does not become us.

I do not know of anyone who could take the pulse of Jaltepec as accurately as you have. An organization that can develop that level of professional skills for women to effectively compete in a man’s world has my entire support.

This may be not the best known cause at Lakeside, but it is the absolute jewel.

So, here is my pledge…..

As long as I am able, I will always have your back.

I will support you.

I will encourage you.

We will have good years together.

We may have disappointing years together.

But, we will never have a disastrous year together, ever.

Together, we will not fail.

Love to all you do for others.


For more information about Lake Chapala visit: chapala.com

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