The Ojo Internet Mailbox – November 2017

The Ojo Internet Mailbox

(Wherein we publish some comments about our previous issues.)


Focus on Art – September 2017


Estela’s sculpture really must be seen in person although it photographs well to experience it personally you can “feel” the work truly awe-inspiring.

Editor’s Page – September 2017

Herbert Piekow

Well laid out and to the point. Most people did not feel that justice was served, but that God will be the final judge.

It Ain’t For Sissies!

John Howell

Good one Tom, keep ‘em coming 😀

Welcome to Mexico! – August 2017

Gabrielle Blair

It is strange, but true, that many of us fortunate enough to be living our retirement in Mexico, and who are blessed with enough money to be able to afford the help of the local people, indulge ourselves in feelings of superiority. We should listen to ourselves as we speak about the Mexicans, hold up the mirror and take a good look at the person who is so ready to cast aspersions on the Mexicans, our hosts, who have graciously accepted us into their community. If we were able to really imagine being on the receiving end of our ungrateful, self-serving manners, observe what we do and hear what we say, we might shame ourselves into a bit of humility. It would seem that economic wealth, for some, encourages ingratitude and a desire to denigrate those with less. The master/slave relationship comes to mind.

Dear Mr. Hemingway

rob mohr

Michael – enjoyed your wit – as always – thanks – rob


Gabrielle Blair

Oh my! What a story! What a wonderful love story! Congratulations Jack on your 35th year together. May you have many many more.

History Says A Man Discovered The Clitoris

Rico Wallace

Margaret, You’re welcomed. We gave women the clitoris and since then all we got back was the sign they give, holding up the thumb and index finger about 2 inches apart.
It only took us 400 years after that for men to give you women’s lib.
Hint (4 mop top lads.)





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