Willow, Weep Not For Me

Willow, Weep Not For Me

By Kathy Koches



Whispers in the wind serenaded me as I sat and watched the branches swirl and undulate in Nature’s dance. I breathed in peace and tranquility as I sat enjoying just being in the moment.

For the last two weeks of my recovery from knee surgery up in the US I was fortunate to be invited to stay with a close friend at her home in Battle Ground, Washington. While the town’s name conjures up images of fighting, in reality it is a beautiful small town just north of Vancouver. It started out as mostly rural farmlands and country homes, but has over time developed into a small modern community, which boasts one Best Western Hotel and now even has a Wal-Mart.

For me, the best feature of my friend’s lovely home, second only to her deck with its comfy patio furniture and umbrella, is the weeping willow tree in her backyard. When she bought the house over 30 years ago, there was almost nothing in the way of landscaping. Over the past three decades the tiny trees, bushes and flowers she planted have thrived and grown into mature plants. The willow tree, however, is not actually on her property. It is in the neighbor’s yard, right on the property line, and the long, flowing branches drape over the fence, falling gently into her yard.

While I do love nature, it is usually from a distance, and I don’t get up close and personal with it, and certainly not with trees. But somehow this particular willow tree called to me. As I sat in the yard, alone except for Mary’s dog, Jack, I was overcome with a sense of peace and calmness. I felt light, airy and free as I watched from my lounge chair. This feeling stayed with me even after I returned inside, and I know that this greatly aided in my recovery.

I had many hours to rest, relax and recuperate after my surgery. I discovered that just being still, and allowing my thoughts to drift where they may, helped both my body and my spirit to heal from my ordeal. 

Weep not for me, beautiful willow, I am whole and happy once again. I thank you for sharing those moments in time with me, as we enjoyed the sunshine and beautiful summer days together.


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