If Our Pets Could Talk

If Our Pets Could Talk

By Jackie Kellum

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We all talk to our pets. It’s a part of our nature, but in reality they don’t care what we are saying. But because you speak different languages, communication can be difficult at times. What if you had a link to your pup’s brain and could get a clue on what he’s thinking? Here are some things your dog probably wants to say to you.  “I know how you feel.”  Your dog wishes you knew that he knows how you feel. 

In reality, it goes much further than that. Your dog not only knows how you feel, but he will feel the same. He will be happy when you are and stressed when you are.   “I like a little variety in my life.” We tend to give our dogs either too much routine or not enough. In many ways,  you should compare your dog to a toddler in the sense that he needs some routine.  Keeping in mind that a strict routine is not the best. Otherwise, your dog will end up waking you early even on weekends or holidays asking to  be fed due to  a set  ‘routine’   you have  established.

“Sometimes  I  get ‘cabin-fever.”  Some dogs get destructive or hyper when trapped in a home all day. This behavior is their way of telling you that they need to get out and do something.   Your dog wants you to know she was bred to run, play or hunt and needs this activity in her life. If your dog seems antsy be sure to take her for a walk each day. Your furniture will thank you. “It’s not just a yawn.”  Dogs don’t just yawn when they’re tired. Yawning can also be a sign of stress or fear. If your dog is yawning a lot around someone unfamiliar, that’s a sign that she’s not quite ready to meet that person. To make things more confusing, dogs can have a relaxed yawn when they’re comfortable with you too.

“ I’m bringing you a gift.”  You might think that he wants to play fetch, especially if he’s bringing you a toy. What your dog may be doing instead is giving you a gift. It’s a leftover of the dog’s hunting instincts, only he’s bringing you things he thinks you’ll like or need instead of dead prey .   

“I don’t misbehave out of revenge.” Many pets parents think their dog chews up things to ‘get even’ for punishing them or for not paying attention to them. Dogs don’t really do revenge. They will break the rules out of fear, anxiety, frustration or some other  need. He didn’t eat your shoes to get even with you for not taking him to go shopping with you.  He just missed you while you were gone and didn’t know what to do with his frustration and anxiety. He missed you and it is his way of getting out anxiety because they feared you might not come back.  Plus your shoes smell like you and that makes him happy. “ I really do know how you feel.”  Dogs are amazingly skilled at perceiving our emotions. When you are upset or in a bad mood, your dog knows. He’s not very skilled at figuring out  what triggered  that emotion.  He does not know if he did something, or something  the cat did, or something altogether  different. This makes your emotions contagious to your dog.  He just wants to comfort you. Go ahead and let him console you when you are sad. It will make him feel better too. Learn to talk with your pet.


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