Just For Today…

Just For Today…

By Kathy Koches


Just for today, I m going to put aside my fears, worries, cares and woes.

Just for today, I am going to look at the beauty, joy and wonder that life has given me.

Just for today I am going rejoice in a friend’s good news, celebrate a friend’s joy

and be grateful that I am surrounded by such loving people.

Just for today, I am going to be aware of the beauty of nature; the beautiful lake, the

flowers, trees, birds and butterflies with whom I share this space I call my home.

Just for today I am going to be grateful for good health, the abilities I still retain and

the many things I can still do and enjoy.

Just for today, I am going to tell those I love that I appreciate them and need them,

and I am going to enjoy my loving little dog and the joy she brings to my life.

I do not know what tomorrow may bring; joys, pain, happiness or sorrow.

But just for today I will be still, drinking in life and living in the moment.

And I will be grateful.

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