Lake Chapala Writers

Lake Chapala Writers

It Takes Teamwork!

By Herbert W. Piekow

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The 2018 Lake Chapala Writers Conference will have a new venue, it is in the auditorium behind Plaza Jardine Restaurant, (Often referred to as El Jardine), on the Ajijic Plaza, just walk through the restaurant and have the opportunity to change your writing life. But first you must register for the 2018 conference, forms can be picked up at Diane Pearl´s, or you can request a registration form from a committee member.

It takes a team to plan, organize and bring about any successful conference. Each year there are challenges and decisions that require cool heads and thoughtful minds to make certain the correct presenters deliver a meaningful, informative and consistent message, keep the finances and a hundred small details.

The Lake Chapala Writers Conference is fortunate to have a small and cohesive group of volunteers. Victoria Schmidt uses her talents as both financial manager and registrar. Mel Goldberg manages the book sales as well as the raffle table. Carol Bradley is the conference Mistress of Ceremonies and manages our public image. You can follow us by liking Lake Chapala Writers Conference on Facebook.

My main duty is to invite our presenters and manage a few other details. We try to bring articulate and inspirational presenters who are willing to share their writing and publishing knowledge while helping our writing community grow through inspiration and knowledge about writing and publishing.

The 2018 Conference will offer plenty of opportunity for growth, inspiration and knowledge with a lineup of talented speakers.

Award winning writer Jennifer Wilson will share her writing techniques when she tells about Writing True Stories their pitfalls, pratfalls and Other Important Details. Ms. Wilson is a university writing instructor, she has been a reporter, English teacher, newspaper and radio editor.  Her writing has been published by National Geographic Traveler, Gourmet and a long list of other notable publications. Her award winning memoir, Running Away to Home, is a wonderful story about returning to her ancestral home with her young children. She will share details about writing a memoir.

Internationally-known writer Samantha Waltz won her first writing award when she was eleven years old and since that time she has worked as an editor for Mademoiselle, written several books and has had over 60 personal essays published. Ms. Waltz will share her knowledge of writing and selling the personal essay. We all have experiences, shopping at the tianguis, travel, raising children, taking care of a dying spouse and each of us lives through these events in a different way, experiences that can be shared through writing. Ms. Waltz is a great resource for how to write and get our unique perspectives published.

Roberta Rich is best known for her well-researched and fast-paced sixteenth-century novels of renaissance Venice and story of the Jewish midwife Hannah. Ms. Rich is not only a creative writer she is also an inspirational speaker who is willing to share her writing experience and tell us the ingredient editors look for and readers want to read.

Toronto literary agent Beverly Slopen will be taking pitches for your novel or other writing projects. She will talk about Working with an Agent and the Agent/Writer Relationship. Publishers do not accept a manuscript unless it is represented by an agent and this opportunity to meet and pitch your work can only happen during the Lake Chapala Writers Conference.

Whether you write for a few friends or for a large audience marketing is important and Pat Chase will share her knowledge about building a writers platform, she will talk about helping writers build an on-line presence.

The 13th Annual Lake Chapala Writers Conference will be held March, 7,8 and 9th at the Plaza Jardine Restaurant, there is an auditorium in the back of the restaurant. We promise inspirational speakers, good food and fellow writers.

Registration forms are available at Diane Pearls on Colon Street, or you can e-mail, Registrations received by February 27, 2018 pay $2,000 pesos, after that date the charge is $2,500 pesos. Registration includes: Friday evening cash bar and an opportunity to get acquainted. All sessions on both March 8th and 9th, these dates include coffee, lunch and refreshments during breaks.  Paid registrations received by February 27th will give you a ten minute opportunity to pitch your book idea or manuscript to Beverly Slopen. For $500 pesos Roberta Rich will critique part of your manuscript. Don’t miss this opportunity because it won’t happen for another year!


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