San Miguel Offers Master Classes for Writers with World-Class Instructors

San Miguel Offers Master Classes for Writers
with World-Class Instructors

By Susan Page



There are no finer, more sought-after writing teachers in the world than the faculty who teach at the annual San Miguel Writers’ Conference in San Miguel de Allende. The Conference has persuaded four of the most acclaimed teachers to stay in San Miguel for an additional week, after the Conference, to teach weeklong, in-depth workshops.

If you are a dedicated writer, passionate about taking a giant leap forward with your work, or giving yourself a thrilling head start with a project you have been putting off, one of these in-depth workshops can change your writing life. If you write for personal reasons, journaling, “morning pages,” or writing to work through loss or transition, take advantage of one of the finest personal writing guides in the world, as close as nearby San Miguel. The offerings include in-depth workshops in poetry, memoir, fiction, and personal writing. Each workshop is limited to twelve participants, for maximum personal time with the instructor for each student.

Using Memoir Writing to Explore your History, your Beliefs and your Strengths in a Conflicted World with Laura Davis

When the world around us is polarized and the future is uncertain, this workshop offers a way to clarify what you believe, find your own steady center, and determine what gifts you have to offer a conflicted world. This memoir workshop will help you explore which path is most authentic for you so you can livewith calm rather than confusion, paralysis or fear. Master teacher Laura Davis will use guided writing practice to help you explore your deepest values and beliefs, find inner stability, and discover the strengths you need to face uncertainty in an unstable world.

The Mesmerizing, Unforgettable, Compelling Narrative Voice with Susan Brown

Find the elusive holy grail of all story telling: a mesmerizing narrative voice. Highly acclaimed writing coach Susan Brown will help you find your most compelling voice for memoir, or create a spellbinding narrative voice for fiction. Then, through carefully designed prompts and exercises, you will learn how to project and sustain this voice on the page.

Writing Poetry, Memoir and Novels with Judyth Hill

Master poet, author, journalist, editor and writing coach, Judyth Hill will lead an invigorating five-day workshop, combining creating fresh new work, developing and moving forward on your current project(s), developing a practice of Passionate Revision, and working on your endgame: queries, pitches, and giving great readings. Open to writers in all genres and at all levels, this inspiring, drop-down–deep workshop will invigorate your writing and move it to the next level.

Writing Poetry & Short-Form Prose: A Multi-Genre Workshop with Cecilia Woloch—

Poet/novelist/memoirist Cecilia Woloch will lead an intensive workshop focusing on both generative writing strategies and strategies for revision. Open to writers in all genres and at all levels, the workshop will provide a jumpstart for those wishing to develop new projects and will be helpful for those seeking inspiration and discipline for keeping their writing practice on-track.


For complete information and to register, go to: and scroll down to “Five Day Post-Conference Workshops.” The workshops may be taken in addition to the Writers’ Conference or entirely separately. Many writers choose to buy individual tickets to several keynote addresses during the Conference, and then to take advantage of one of these in-depth writing experiences with an unusually gifted and highly sought-after teacher.


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