A Sneaky Twitch Of An Itch

A Sneaky Twitch Of An Itch

By John Thomas Dodds
Book Review by Clare Gearhart

A Sneaky Twitch Of An Itch

Here’s a real grandparent’s delight for the Holiday Season! It’s hard to read all the way through this book without feeling the urge to scratch or rub some spot that wasn’t tingling a moment ago!  Sneakily, the Twitch of an Itch, romps onto the pages, full blown and recognizable by all, but few of us have taken the time to visualize an itch.  Perhaps they are like dogs, and come in many breeds, sizes and temperaments.   Could it be that their colors span to breadth of the rainbow? They simply can’t be all the same color! And where, WHERE, do they go when they seem to be gone and yet reappear within moments in a whole different place?

This book, suitable for all ages, except perhaps some of the more cynical years of adolescence, is both a joy to read and a visual pleasure to explore due to the whimsical illustrations on most every page. It blasts open the doors of the imagination, and invites the reader to create his own images, to make up her own stories. What could be more delightful than to join in the quest to identify the illusive Sneaky?  And after you have an idea of what Sneaky looks like, you may want to figure out how he, or is it she, moves.  Does it creep? Does it crawl? Does it prickle or tingle, or chafe and annoy?

The co-creators of the book John Thomas and Candis Flescher-Dodds are both accomplished in their chosen fields. John has written more than 14 books in his career. He spans a wide arc from poetry to novels to children’s books, and not infrequently articles in the Ojo del Lago.  Likewise, Candis has been a painter for some years now, and works in a variety of media including acrylics, and in this book, watercolor.  The way their styles harmonize in this book is a real delight.  Each creates a sense of whimsy, and impish childlike enthusiasm.

I strongly encourage you to get this book, round up some well-scrubbed kids at bed time and tuck them all on a couch so you can read it aloud to them.  I can’t imagine a happier and more joyful way to create memories of this holiday!

The book is available on Amazon and also locally at Yves Restaurant.  It’s yours to enjoy!



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