Ramblings From The Ranch – July 2018

Ramblings From The Ranch

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Hundreds of dogs pass through the Ranch’s gates on their way to their forever homes. Each has a tale to tell and this is Jacko’s. A few years before Jacko came to The Ranch in September 2015, when he was about 3 year’s old, he had been found on the carrretera, rescued by a Good Samaritan, Steve. Jacko’s leg had been severely injured, but Steve recognized this dog was worth saving. Jacko had a pin placed in the leg, but always walked with a limp. He had no other problems and Steve loved him dearly until, suffering a severe stroke, Steve had to move into a care facility. There was nowhere for Jacko to go so he came to the Ranch. At first Jacko seemed lost; it’s difficult for a dog to leave a caring home and move to a shelter.

Then one day The Ranch staff was struggling with a group of unruly puppies and thought they needed a good “momma” dog to keep them in line. After several older females refused the call to motherhood they were placed in Jacko’s pen. He was the perfect choice – affectionate, playful and gruff, just what the pups needed. Jacko became the resident nanny for many of the puppies.

In February 2018 he won the hearts of a couple of ladies visiting from Bellingham, WA, who volunteer for a rescue called Happy Tails Happy Homes and they were not leaving without him. Off to Washington he went and was immediately adopted by a family with a 10 year-old girl, desperate for a dog of her own. Rather than a puppy, she chose Jacko, recognizing his nurturing nature. Her mother recently reported finding her daughter, who was home sick, curled up asleep on Jacko’s bed with him. Another happy ending.

If you would like to help improve the lives of rescued dogs please become a Ranch volunteer. Contact The Ranch: adoptaranchdog@outlook.com or 331.270.4447.


For more information about Lake Chapala visit: www.chapala.com

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